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>> Friday, June 01, 2012

We used last weekend to celebrate are 5th year of marriage a week early because that is when our schedule permitted. Well the kids were shipped off to the grandparents and we did the things we love doing which were flea markets, thrift store and antique store shopping.

The whole time my girls were on the brain and good thing too cause i found some great stuff for them.

See our plan is to build them an adorable retro kitchen set for their play room and our inspiration was this set here:

We have already purchased the hardware to make it and even this awesome retro clock to be put into the stove. (or frig, not sure yet)

So while we were out i snatched up these items as well:

 This will be awesome to use for the sink and we already have a real faucet we will be using.

 I was so tickled to find these matching red dishes for them! Two mixing bowls and a canister.

 Then some mini pots

 Some plates and a mini bread dish. I'm going to try and make a cloth loaf of bread that will fit in the pan and it would be extra sweet if i could figure out how make the bread be in slices held by velcro so they could cut slices of bread off too.

 And this... well i couldn't resist! This was new, i saw it at the World Market while we were there and i am in love with miniature things and if we are doing retro here we have to have one of these colanders! And the mini wisk, well why not right?

This was one of the first things i found. It was on clearance at Hobby Lobby, clearly missing the top tray but i figured since it was a steal, and uber cool that maybe Hubby could cut a piece of wood for the top and we could paint it and try to make it look like it was suppose to be there. To fun to pass up!

Now several years ago... where this whole thing started was from some after Christmas shopping i was doing. We came across these:
They were a couple bucks each and all cloth! I was sooo excited but i knew our girls were to young for them. Since my Hubby is so nice, he let me buy them for the future. I am so happy i bought these! I love the cloth food those and wood are the best.

So that is our collection so far.

I plan on sewing them place mats for their table, maybe a runner... we will need some dish towels and other fun things. I get so excited when i think about it! LOL

I have always been addicted to miniature things. They are amazing! I get so tickled when i see them! My poor Hubby had to withstand me acting like a little kid and doing funny dances when i would come across anything mini. 

Go even smaller though, i love barbie or doll things... or i 
was am a huge fan of the barrower movies... haaa anything small, i go crazy over. As a kid i would take my brothers old computer motherboards that he was throwing away and clip off the little pieces that stood up from the board (have no clue what they are called) but they looked just like cans or jars and the perfect size for barbies! I loved them.


Peek'A'Boo Bag Type #2


My First Peek-A-Boo Bag

Peek-A-Boo Bag directions and tutorial @

So i screwed up a little bit, it's slightly more narrow then what the pattern called for. Not sure what i did wrong with the cutting but at least it turned out ok.

I think these will work much better then the plastic baskets i was using for her toys.


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