China Cabinet – A Work In Progress

>> Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our inspiration:


What we have to work with:


We hated the trim that was on it

100_8632The trim piece on top and on these doors were actually plastic and fairly easy to take off.


Here it is after i primed it. My husband rounded the top off, now it’s not as 70’s or whatever era (ugly is what it was). We are painting it a shade of blue but we will install bead board in the back of each shelf that will be painted white. I bought new silver handles and spray painted the hinges so they were no longer copper.

But now I'm pooped and was feeling a little light headed by the killz primer i was using.

I’ll keep updating as i work on it.


Last night i put the first coat of blue paint on it and today i put on the second. My husband has yet to put on the white bead board or the trim, so i will still have some painting to do but here is what it looks like at this point:100_8670

We had thought the paint was going to be a tad bit darker then it turned out but i think it still looks nice, way better then it was in my opinion. We shall see how it looks against the green walls of my dinning room, that will be the real test.



>> Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My mom came this weekend and helped me a lot with the new house. Some of the big things that managed to get done were:

  • I got my sewing/craft room unpacked and put together. Now I’m planning on what color I want to paint the room and stuff like that.
  • We got the mail box put up that Bob hand made (looks awesome)
  • We took these ugly light fixtures, took them apart, spray painted them and got them hung. They look so much nicer then they did before we stripped them. Neither the living room or the dinning room have light fixtures so they had to be hung ‘swag’ like.


I should have taken ‘before’ pictures but I didn’t think about it till to late. This is the light fixture in our dinning room.


This one was the biggest transformation because in was incased with glass and looked horrid. Bob still has some more ideas for it but for now we hung in like this, in our living room.

Yesterday my mom went home but I still got a ton done. I painted the hallway pillars, and started stripping our bedroom of its nasty wallpaper. I’ve gotten almost all the paper off and plan on getting the little bit left, off today.


Almost ready to paint, YAY!

In the bathroom someone had painted the walls and used a trawl or something and made grooves into it. I guess it’s supposed to be designer but I think its UGLY. So we figured out to re-paint it we have to sand the walls until smooth. Well we tried doing it by hand and that was to hard so yesterday I went and bought an electric sander, it was cheaper them renting it for a day. It’s still very time consuming but I think to help it go faster I need coarser sand paper so I plan on buying some today.


I have no idea why they thought this was a good idea o.0

Then when Bob got home last night I mentioned that I couldn’t wait till our china cabinet was redone like we plan to. So he goes and starts tearing the nasty trim off it and going to work, which was great but now that is another big project for me to get done by this weekend, lol


I got the pillars painted, looks a lot better then they were. clip_image010

I did manage to get a before picture of this, sort of… I mean the top trim is taken off in this picture but hopefully it gives you and idea of what it looked like, (that way I can post an ‘after’ picture)


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