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>> Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Decor Ideas:
We already have some letter blocks like these that spell 'Joy' but i love the idea or the picture blocks! I also like the idea that the letter blacks are chalk board. Awesome idea!

 We have some scrap wood that i plan on making some snowmen with for our front door :)

Sept i would make it Christmas-ie

Play Room:
Our current bedroom is fairly large with two closets. When we bought the house the room had pink heart wall paper on it... which it didn't take me to long before i was ripping that down. That is as far as we have gotten though.
We decided that instead of keeping the room we would move out bedroom up stairs. So up stairs there would be our room, a spare room and a bedroom for the girls. Right now the girls are in separate rooms but are thought is to combine the two so that our old bedroom space on the main floor would become a big play room for them.
I am excited about this... well the play room that is... kinda worried about having the girls sleep in the same room because are oldest has a hard time sleeping where our youngest sleeps awesome! We shall see.

The new play room would have a TV for watching their kid movies, i want a reading area, an art area and a house area. That would be my dream for them. Maybe build short room dividers to portion it off some?

Here are some images of things i would like to build to put in there:

Hubby plans on building this for our girls. We like the old school stuff :)
He's making part of it for Christmas, at least that is our intentions.

Main Bathroom:
I love this idea! I'm thinking of sewing on loops to all our towels so they hang nicely. Think this is awesome!

I want my kitchen very old looking and vintage.

 I've been wanting to make myself one of these costumes for years now! I love it.... like LOVE it! I know my husband would shake his head and roll his eyes at me for this, but i don't care. I think these are awesome!

Also i have been wanting again for several years to make an old fashioned bathing suit, something way more decent then what they sell. I think these are awesome.
I would be the coolest chick at the beach in one of these suckers :) It shouldn't be to hard either, just have to find the right material. I think i could pull it off!


Bathroom Finished

>> Monday, November 28, 2011

Yes! Finally! Finished and i was able to take the first shower in the nice bathroom. Love it.

Ok maybe not 100% finished... we do have to repaint the mirror to match.

Now i need to find some more nice stuff to put on the ledge/shelf around the room to jazz it up!


More On The Bathroom Redo

>> Sunday, November 27, 2011

So last night we stayed up late and got all the red boards up. Then we spent time calking this morning.... and we are still adding the touch up coats over the calk so it looks as seamless as possible.

On the dry areas my Hubby has been able to ad the trim/ledge and the crown molding :) This is the funnest part so far! We still have to touch up the where he had to nail it in but that won't be that hard. I think it's looking good! Soooooo much better then what we had!

Can't wait to be posting pics of when it's all done!


Made my own design for my FREE COLLAGE

>> Friday, November 25, 2011

Walgreens has the free 8x10 collage deal again thru 11/25. Promo code RGIFT2U

So i decided i wanted to print something for my bathroom. I looked up vintage bathroom signs to get some ideas. This is what i came up with:
I designed it in a way that i could cut it up so i would have two images to put in the collage... it should come out looking just like this. Lets hope it turns out good! If so then i just might do this kind of stuff all the time!

Now time to redo a frame so it has something nice to be in :D


Bathroom Redo

>> Monday, November 21, 2011

Our bathroom was a sad mess when we bought this house. Someone had tried to use some sort of a technique to texture the walls with paint were it was a grooved disaster. They had oddly placed lights around the mirror.
We had attempted to sand the grooved texture off the walls but it was way to difficult. Then we got out the scrapper and the heat gun and i went to town on it.

This is after we took down the scratched up bead board, dry-walled in the holes left behind from the oddly placed light fixtures and i went to work with the heat gun.

Today after my husband got home from work we started in working on it again. About an hour into it i said to my husband 'I think i know why they did this to the wall' The wall we were discovering as we took off the paint was terribly uneven. They did a horrible job drywalling and someone had done a terrible drywall patching job as well. 'They did it to hide the crappy walls'
Chances were huge that we would spend all this time scrapping and sanding only to paint it and be left with something that still looks terrible.
I then began to talk and brain storm about what we could do to fix this whole thing. We decided that what needed to be done was to cover to the wall completely so we stopped and got on the computer for some ideas.

Here was our inspirations:

The bead board will go up about 70in and then there will be a ledge all the way around for picture and nik-nak display. All that will be in white. Then we bought (not sure what it's called) but it's like the same stuff as bead board but without all the grooves it's just flat. That will be put above to give us a nice even surface.

Our design and color is going to be off of this soap dish i picked up on clearance.

Top part of the wall is going to be something like this:

I'm excited! Hubby already has the baseboard trim cut and it's ready to paint. I think it's going to be a late night!


Gift Wrapping Ideas

Ideas @ http://www.susieharrisblog.com


Making Your Children's Artwork Into A Book

LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!


Board & Batten Love

Love it! I think this became my new plans for out living room!

Instructions @ http://realhousewivesofbc.blogspot.com


>> Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Instructions @ http://realhousewivesofbc.blogspot.com

Could go perfect in a room with the pallet wall covering here


Using Pallets as a Wall Covering

Instructions @ http://realhousewivesofbc.blogspot.com

I love this idea! I want to do it! Hubby collect me some pallets!


Diary Of A Coupon Addict

>> Friday, November 11, 2011

I started a new blog dedicated to couponing. Deals and ad matches are for local deals and stores in the Kansas, Wichita area.

Visit it HERE


My Day Dreaming List:


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