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>> Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today Bob got the rest of the wood pieces cut for me. There is over a couple hundred there. It’s going to take quite awhile to get all these mod podged let alone all the magnets glued on!

Today i managed to finish mod podging the rest of the ‘Month’ pieces, got one group done, now on to the next! I can’t wait till i get onto the colorful ones and it’s a little more interesting LOL



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Chore Chart (2)

Making of the ‘Month’ magnets for the charts.


  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Xacto Knife
  • Sand Paper
  • Lamination Paper
  • Wood Cut To Size
  • Months Printed on Paper

2013-06-15 17.21.53

2013-06-15 17.26.15

So i tried just mod podging the paper onto the wood but the ink on the paper started to smudge with the mod podge. So instead i laminated just the front on the paper and mod podged that onto the wood. I hope it holds up good. It looks nice laminated.

We still need to by super glue of some sort to glue the magnets on the back.

2013-06-15 17.28.56 

I think i have done 7 so far and there is a total of 36 of just the months. Not to mention 93 of the dates of the month and 21 of the days of the week…. and that is just the beginning. TONS of little pieces. It’s going to take forever LOL especially since i only get my hands free (with no house work) very often. It will be nice once it’s all done though!


Kids Chore Chart

I have for awhile now wanted to make each of the kids a chore chart. Me and Hubby put our heads together and thought up a plan. It will cover the child's daily routines, chores and activities where they can earn rewards by completing their daily duties.

Each child will have their our weekly routine chart. At the top will be the child's name, the name of the month followed by each day of the week and the date and beside it a list of daily routines they need to accomplish. Next to each routine is 7 boxes for each of the days and a field where they can place a square in it once that routine has been done that day.


At the bottom of the routine chart will be an 'Activity' area where we can put certain magnets such as holidays, gymnastics, MOPS or birthdays which i can place on the correct day so they can know what activities will be happening that week.


This activity area will also be where they can place their reward activities they have earned and decide which day they want to do them on. Special activities we don't do everyday like: Go For A Walk, Go To The Park, 1 Movie Rental and Popcorn, 1 Movie At Theater, Bowling, Zoo Day, Sidewalk Chalk, Finger Painting. Each one you will have to earn a certain amount of points to earn. Some will be big prizes needing more points while others smaller and needing less points. This hopefully will help them learn how earning, spending and saving works. They will get a point for each chore they accomplish and if they finish their routines for the day.

For example:

We are making them out of metal so we can use thin wood to make the magnets. Hubby is hand making the frames for each of them and then we will paint them bright fun colors for each of the kid.

So we will have three charts, one for Anabel, Abby and Matthew (thinking ahead).

Then we will have a separate one for the 'To Do's' Of the day that each person needs to do. These are the added chores above what they normally have to do each day.


Bob also wanted a section for me and him so we could be a good example to the kids.


It will force me to be very organized!


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