Playroom In The Works

>> Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our inspiration is going to be Thumbelina and fairies. Where we will add toadstools and cottage

Cottage section:

The inspiration

So the wall and the playhouse will be painted like the inspiration cottage picture as in it will have the planks painted. I will be making curtains for the many windows.
Hopefully i can get Bob to cut and arched door for the play house and make it and a working door.

The mural section:

The inspiration

So Bob plans on painting a mural complete with a tree that ends up spreading over the tops of both of the closets, toadstools, flowers and fairies. In that tree he's going to try and add shelving that is camouflaged into the branches. The shelves could store books, or little fair figurines if i have my way. LOL

In that closet you see there in the left corner, i would really like to make a little performing stage. A curtain would hang there and all there dress up cloths would be stored back there, where they could change and pretend all they want.

That's the plan at the moment anyways. I'm just hoping we can get it painted and the kitchen set built before school starts up again... i might be dreaming


Travel Drawing Pad #1 Finished

>> Thursday, July 12, 2012

I wrapped the elastic thread near the cap with material and sewing the heck out of them. Then did the same thing when connecting it to the clips. Then i krazy glued the caps to the ends of the pencils.
I then sewed a little case for the pencils and an elastic strap with a snap to go around the bundle.

That way maybe it won't go everywhere once in my bag.


Quick Dress

>> Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So i found this material on clearance for $7 a yard and i thought the colors went great for my daughters birthday in less then half a week. So i bought a yard even though 3/4 a yard probably would have been plenty.

So in a very short time i had this dress:
You simply sew up one seam which becomes the back and add the straps, done! Hopefully this looks really cute on her!

Mess up and corrections:
I cut the seam 1/4 from where i wanted my seam. I did serge the seam first then sew a regular stitch down it for a better hold. Well since i cut it so close to my seam, the elastic thread in the material didn't all get caught in the seam. So i had to go back and catch the elastic threads by hand and secure them so they wouldn't continue to ravel. It was doable and not to hard, just took more time then the dress should have taken. If you do this i would suggest cutting the material wider then you need it so all the threads will be caught when you sew and you don't have to go back over it by hand. Plus you can always serge or cut off the extra afterwards.


Making Travel Activities For My Girl

So i woke up after a nap the other day with lots of different ideas. It was weird cause i wasn't even thinking about this before i went to sleep.
See my husband is a football coach and football season is just around the corner... that means me lugging my girls to as many games as i can. When you have a 2 and 3 year old girls it's kinda stressful to take them to games and not have them go crazy sitting for so long.
Last year i made two of these: 

Added the child straps to the travel seats. This helped a ton! But my next issue was entertaining them and also my diaper bag. See after shoving all the snacks and cups and toys to try and keep them occupied in my bag, it was crazy full and would get jumbled as soon as i would have to pull something out.

My goal is to try and keep things as simple as possible. See it's just me lugging a double stroller, three stadium seats a big stuffed diaper bag, and later in the season blankets. Yeah i look pretty pitiful and sad looking lol. I'm sure i cause some to laugh. This year i'm kinda dreading it cause i'm trying to potty train my oldest and i don't even want to think about lugging her, my youngest and my diaper bag into the bathroom. Haaaa.

Anyways here are some of my ideas i'm trying to make reality.
  • So this was my supplies:

And this is what i did with them. I used the marker lids and attached the elastic thread through the holes in the caps.

The caps will be krazy glued to the colored pencils (hope it holds up) Then i will wrap the elastic ends in fabric and sew the heck out of them to keep the elastic in place.

Then the other end of the elastic on the colored pencils will be attached to the clip.

This way the girls will be able to color and the colored pencils will not me able to drop (or be thrown like they like to do at the games) I'm hoping this works good and entertains them for at least a little while.

  • Then i looked on Amazon for an 'I Spy' book but was having a hard time. I could find lots of i spy games but i wasn't finding just the books which i found to be very odd. I adore I Spy books. Heck me and husband love to sit and try and figure them out together to this day!.
So instead i decided to make my own. I purchased these:

 (100G. Lot Assorted Resin Flatback Scrapbooking Buttons Cabochon Craft Supplies)
(100g. Mix Assorted Food Cup Cake Fruit Candy Resin Flatback Scrapbooking Buttons)

That's about 150 little trinkets. I bought this little glittery photo book:

So i figured the one page can be the i spy page and the opposite page can be the page showing you which items you are looking for.

Also while looking for my daughters birthday gift i came across this and ordered it.

It was described as "Choose from among fourteen fun themes, slide a card into the gameboard and start looking for matches. This handy memory game includes one game board, seven double-sided game cards and a two-player scoreboard. There are no loose pieces and everything conveniently stores in the board."

Next will be figuring out a better travel bag/diaper bag and i think i already have the idea for it!


My Day Dreaming List:


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