Project: Light Flower Vines

>> Saturday, March 23, 2013

So Hubs has made and painted the trellis and the roof for the cottage bunk beds. Now we just have to wait for the girls to wake up from their naps before we can install them.

Months ago i bought this fake flowers from the Dollar Tree to make some lit flower vines to go on the trellis. I bought three bundles of flowers, two red and one yellow.

Here they are with some of them taken apart off of the stems:


I saved the insides of the flowers:

100_3890 Thinking that later when ever i make like crepe paper flowers i might be able to use these stems! I hate to waste things! I might be a hoard >_>

ANYWAYS we used all the petals and all the leaves on the bundles of flowers to make this:


Can’t wait for the girls to wake up and we can install the trellis and roof and i can get this lit flower vine up!

Also today i ordered:


The rods for the windows on the cottage bunk beds. There for a while i was afraid i wouldn’t find curtain rods small enough for the tiny windows (some as small as 9” and the big one 14”) but i found them! Now i need to make the tiny curtains :) I have some sheer pink material I'm thinking of using…. maybe pink with a yellow ruffle on top? Not sure if i will get that fancy with them or not.

So yay! We are sooooo close to being totally done with the bunk bed cottage!



>> Thursday, March 21, 2013

100_3792 copy

Working on my studio. Today i went and bought the PVC piping for the light stands. Each stand cost me about $5.35. Very simple but seem like they will do the job. I have another little stand that looks like it might work good for a reflector holder so that might be cool.

The faux wall baseboard you might see there on the floor cost me $8.99

Hubby is going to stop by the store tomorrow and grab a few little pieces we need for the backdrop holder and then i think i will be on my way to taking some pictures!

I set up my faux wood flooring tonight too with the baseboard and it looked so good! I can’t wait!

I stopped at Goodwill today as well and found a few things for the studio. I found hat box which was faded but i thought ‘spray paint!’. I also found a pretty curtain with a cool design i thought would be pretty for a backdrop for some pictures of the girls and also found a sweater which i plan on making a ‘DIY Newborn Cocoon’. Want to keep my eye out for little stuff like that that can make good props :)


Home Photography Studio

>> Tuesday, March 19, 2013


My faux wooden floors came today! I didn’t think they would come that fast since i bought them off a site other then and on one of these floors were ‘out of stock’. Glad i chose the other site (which was a tad cheaper too).


Next Sewing Project

efe97f9ca6fec2431b59f50ff3685b09 SDC15137

Some nursing shawls! These top two are basically the same kind of shawl and the one below is the same too except they add the frill and a simple collar.

I bought some more fancy looking material i thought might be good for dress up occasions like church and i will try and make it like the design below. The others i plan on just doing plain like above because the material i have for those has stripes.


I’m excited! Hoping they turn out nice. Back when i was investigating other nursing shawl patterns i found this one HERE

51Tto0CXbSL$79.95 on Amazon O.O I could not believe it! But i loved the design so i pinned it on pinterest. I planned on figuring out how to make it on my own but instead i found these site that tell you how to make this simple cover.

Cover Link 1

Cover Link 2 

Love free patterns and tutorials :) The internet is a great thing LOL


Boppy Pillow Cover


Tonight i finished my boppy pillow slip cover. I love free printable patterns online and using my fabric stash to make things that i want for FREE! So excited to have this done! Love it!


Starting A Personal Home Photography Studio

I’ve been thinking a lot about pictures lately. How badly i want to get picture of little Matthew when he comes. I have thought about pictures we got of Abby when she was newborn

74827_1654269806148_3660122_n 150064_1654269046129_7944177_n


I was also thinking about our at home photo shoot HERE

They were pretty good but there wasn’t much planning behind them or anything and just kinda threw up the backdrop and everything.

I have for a long time had a few things pinned on pinterest about setting up a simple at home photo shoot area. Then last week one of the photographers i ‘like’ on facebook posted a ‘behind the scenes’ of one of her newborn photo shoots and i was ‘Dude i could do this!’

So i went back to pinterest to look at my pins and plan some things out.

Here are my two inspirations:

89635e8f760f73124b5f95ce1379a5b6 a7d0e35a6416604efd20eabe8bef0d97

So i know i need to up my props but i think i have a few and i might be able to barrow something from the in-laws cause they have some really cute vintage things.

Bob says he already has the stuff to make the holder for my backdrops. Then i need to buy a cheap piece of baseboard at the hardware store. And just a few minutes ago i order these:

2822443 029444565180

2822443_2A picture that was taken with the faux wood flooring

I also searched what other supplies i will need.

  • Bean Bag: Have
  • Various Fabrics: Have (but will want to get some more)
  • Soft Fuzzy Blankets or Fabric Pieces: Need
  • Baskets: Have Some
  • Vintage Drawer: Have

With the other pictures i took up in the upstairs bedroom i did the natural light from the window, which i can and will do again but I'm thinking i really want some other lights in there to help. I did a lot of searching on that and ended up with some great DIY lighting things i can do.

One i really liked is you buy the light fixture top and you make the stand with PVC pipe. There is even tutorials on making soft light boxes out of some material and cardboard boxes. I mean this is just for my fam, i don’t have to have the fancy stuff. Just the last pictures i took showed me that i could get some really good pictures myself…. plus if i had a little equipment they would be even better. Only thing i wish i had was a fancy camera LOL But maybe in a few years i can afford one. For now my camera works good enough for me, especially since i know some photoshop effects to put on pictures to make them look even better.

I found some cool light fixture tops on amazon that is actually through a photography company and has great reviews, $5.40 a top. I just so happen to have some amazon credit that made them free for two… and i think two would be plenty!


Then you make the stands out of PVC pipe. The tutorial i found for the stands costs about $10. So pretty cheap… if bob couldn’t even come up with a cheaper idea :)

With backdrop and prop changes i should be able to do all different kinds of pictures. I am really happy to find out that a lot of these ladies use fabric as the ‘wallpaper’ behind the pictures, this gives me all kinds of options. At first i thought i was going to have to use vinyl but I'm glad i won't really have to. These site gave ideas like: table cloths, sheets… that sort of thing, which is do doable!

I’m thinking:

  • Newborn Pictures
  • Anabel’s 4th Birthday
  • Abby’s 3rd Birthday
  • Heck Pictures of Matthew Each Month (Why not right?)
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Possibilities are endless and i think in the long run having this stuff should save me money, plus give me a hobby! Heck if i get good enough at it maybe i can shoot some pics of my adorable niece and nephews too.

One of the times i got professional pictures done it was in the ladies house, in a room were she just clipped up some fabric and took our pictures and we paid like $150… so why not at least try and do it myself? So far with this stuff i bought today i’ve paid less then $25. Yeah i will have to make the light stands and buy the baseboard (should be under $10 for sure) So I'm saving a ton of money i think. Only thing I'm not going to have that the lady had was a nice camera… but like i said, maybe one day.

428686_3473834254122_230708029_n I mean this pic was taken on my porch and then i added some photoshop effects to it and i love this picture… and that was with my crappy camera.

I’m really excited. Here is some of the few ideas i have gotten off of pinterest:

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My Day Dreaming List:


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