Homemade (Cloth) Swiffer Wet Jet Pads

>> Sunday, May 20, 2012

I purchased a hand towel at our local Goodwill store for $.59 for the sole purpose to make myself some homemade Swiffer wet jet pads.
I had gotten my Swiffer wet jet for free when i first started couponing but i realized the disposable pads made the mop, so not cost effective. I had seen several tutorials on making Swiffer duster pads and figured i could apply this same method and make my own wet jet pads.

So i took the hand towel and laid my wet jet on it, traced it and cut it out. I was able to get 7 pads out of 1 hand towel.

Then i did a close zig-zag stitch on the raw edges in hopes of diminishing any raveling and sewed on some velcro. Only bad part is i didn't think about how much velcro i was going to need so i only had enough to finish 4 pads. I'll get to the others later.

I got to use my pads today and they worked great! I am so happy with myself! No more buying those highly expensive pads anymore for me :D


Oh also, i don't buy the Swiffer mopping solution any more. I figured out you can open a Swiffer solution bottle and refill it with your own. Way cheaper! I had grabbed a bunch of pine sol back when it was on a great coupon deal and that is what i use. Amazing how cheap, yet convenient, mopping can be... and simple!


Holly Bishop 8:53 AM  

These are great! Do you find that they stay attached well with the velcro?

Ammiel R. 4:25 PM  

Yes they stay on very good! I've had no problems with them coming off at all!

Chelsea Wehrly 9:51 AM  

Thank ou for posting! I will be making my own!!

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